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Child Support in Florida and How to Determine It 

Posted on : December 31, 2021

How Is Child Support Awarded In Florida?

Child support in Florida is compulsory in most cases of divorce. Every parent must support their child till the age of 18-years old. Even after the parent’s divorce, they must still be financially responsible for their children.

The essence of support is to ensure that the child doesn’t suffer financially due to the parents’ divorce. Child support can also be mandatory on a parent once they determine the paternity, even when he doesn’t know the child exists.

Florida department of revenue oversees child support payments, helps with locating the parents, determining assets, determining paternity, and modifying child support orders.

How To Determine Child Support in Florida 

Determining child support comes basically in two ways;

  • Child custody;
  • and child support

Child Custody

Child custody determines who among the parents will have legal or physical possession of the child. Both parents can share the responsibilities, or it can be sole where one parent is primarily in charge of the child. In the case of sole, the other parent will make payments to the one who has the child’s custody. The Florida family courts determine child custody.

Child Support

Determination of child support is a difficult task to do. The court follows the income shares model that considers various monetary factors of both parents when deciding the amount to pay. These factors include;

  • Wages and salary
  • Spousal support
  • Disability benefits
  • Bonuses, commissions, and tips
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Social security payments
  • Property ownership
  • Retirement and pension plans
  • Unemployment assistance

The parent’s gross wages are determined, then deductions are made for taxes, other spousal support, mandatory union due, and additional child support payments. The net amount then determines the total amount to pay using the specific state-mandated guidelines.

Parents will continue to pay the set amount once the child support is determined until the child is 18years of age. There may be exemptions, and you can extend the payment duration in case of child disability or till after high school graduation.

Once the child support is determined and entered, it can only be changed when one of the parents shows a substantial change in circumstances such as job loss or significant raise.


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