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Florida Divorce Questions Answered

Posted on : November 23, 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce in Tampa

Divorce and other family-related issues in Tampa are sometimes unclear to most. These issues often raise several questions among many individuals. You might find yourself on the losing end of divorce and other family issues if you don’t ask the right questions or seek quality answers to them.

Below are some of the frequent questions about family law and divorce in Tampa.

Question 1: How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in Tampa

Often, the duration of getting a divorce in Tampa is dependent on the cooperation level of the two parties involved. If there is 100% cooperation, the time of divorce can be within two weeks. If either party fails to cooperate or there is a need to contest the decision, divorce might take up to a year. Other influential factors include whether or not both parties support the decision and the involvement of minor children.

Question 2: Should there Be A Concrete Reason For Divorce?

Like many other parts of the United States, you don’t need an exceptional reason to want a divorce. Remember that Florida is a no-fault divorce state, and the law will not force you to stay with your partner if you feel the need to let go.

However, if the divorce involves minor children or one party does not want the divorce, the judge might order counseling or take other steps to keep the marriage intact. If you simply state that the marriage is “irretrievably undesirable,” you can push through with the divorce.

Question 3: When Can I File for Divorce In Tampa?

You only need six months in Tampa to have the residency requirement of filing for a divorce in Tampa. There are few exceptions with those in the military. The time required for military officers to file for divorce in Florida is reduced with a permanent change of state orders.

Question 4: Do I need an Attorney Before I Can File for Divorce in Tampa?

You don’t necessarily need an attorney before processing a divorce in Tampa, especially if there are no contests. However, engaging the service of an attorney will make the process easier, help you get the best possible deal, and enhance the legal processing.

Question 5: What If I Cannot Afford an Attorney?

A contested divorce can be cost-intensive. You only have to do more research if you cannot afford a family defense lawyer in Tampa. Some attorneys offer flexible payment options and free consulting sessions.

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