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Is Marriage Counseling Required for a Divorce?

Posted on : April 19, 2021
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If you’re interested in getting a divorce, marriage counseling is no longer required prior to doing so. However, it could benefit you in a number of ways. It may also be something that doesn’t or won’t work for your unique situation. 


Before dissolving your marriage, you should know that: 

Marriage Counseling Has Many Advantages  


Numerous married couples report that therapy — together — has helped them tremendously and perhaps even save their marriage. However, you don’t necessarily have to be committed to working it out. Counseling may also be beneficial if you later divorce. Some advantages include: 


  • Determining whether dissolving your marriage is the right move 
  • Learning how to work with your spouse to resolve problems if you want to stay together 
  • Assisting you with the identification of potential issues that could present during a divorce 

But It Also Has Disadvantages  


Marriage counseling isn’t the best solution for every couple on the rocks. Some people say that it was actually a negative experience for them. Potential concerns about counseling include: 


  • Possibly being in a position where your spouse may be able to emotionally manipulate you 
  • Giving your spouse a chance to get information about you that they can use against you later on 
  • Adding to the overall cost of dissolving your marriage 

You Can Decide If Marriage Counseling Is for You 


It’s normal to feel unsure if you want marital counseling or if moving forward is the right path for you. Keep in mind that you can always change your mind if you wish; you can stop counseling or start it at any point in time so long as you and your spouse are both on board. A family and divorce lawyer can assist you in learning about your legal options. 

You Can Reach Out to a Florida Family Law Attorney For Help 


The concept of dissolving your marriage can be a difficult one to face, even if you’re the spouse primarily wanting to get a divorce. It’s important to protect your own legal rights and best interests from the start of your case, even before broaching the topic with your spouse. 


At Buchholz Family Law, we understand how challenging the upcoming days, weeks, and months will be as you sort out what you can — and want — to do. We can provide you with the comprehensive legal advocacy needed to receive a favorable agreement with your spouse. Call today for your free consultation at (813) 902-9100.


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