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Preparing For A Temporary Order Hearing.

Posted on : August 28, 2020

In divorces involving child custody, spousal support, and other critical family legal matters, a temporary hearing may be scheduled. Usually, these are soon after the divorce is filed, leaving many families feeling unprepared. Here’s what to do to get ready for your temporary order hearing. 

What Is a Temporary Order Hearing? 

A divorce settlement often takes a long time to reach, but not all family legal issues can wait. In cases of spousal support, for example, the lesser earning spouse is relying on the support for survival while they secure their new independence. A temporary hearing is designed to offer a solution for the interim until the divorce is finalized. 

Hire a Florida Divorce Lawyer 

Despite its name, temporary orders aren’t always temporary. In child custody cases, for example, Florida courts often decide to make the temporary orders permanent, without changes, because that is what the child has become accustomed to during the divorce. Temporary hearings are critical and you need adequate legal representation. As soon as possible before your hearing, reach out to a divorce attorney. 

Start the Information Gathering Process 

Your attorney can help you start to gather information needed for the hearing, like bank statements, a list of shared and separate assets, a list of debts, birth certificates of your children, and screenshots of text messages or social media posts that could be helpful in proving your case. 

You should also participate in discovery, where you obtain access to information and evidence your ex-spouse has gathered. They’ll, in turn, have access to yours. 

Attempt to Negotiate 

Even a temporary hearing can be stressful, time-consuming, and costly. Ideally, you and your ex-spouse make an attempt to reach an agreement about crucial matters like spousal support and custody. Be prepared to make compromises on some things, but know ahead of time what your non-negotiables are. 

Follow Your Attorney’s Instructions on the Day of Your Hearing 

If negotiation is unsuccessful and you proceed to a temporary order hearing, your lawyer can coach you on what to do and say during the hearing. Follow your attorney’s instructions as best you can to increase your chances of receiving a verdict in your favor. 

Get Help from a Seasoned Divorce Attorney Now 

If you have a temporary order hearing coming up, don’t wait to get legal help. You need aggressive representation at the start of your case. Call Bucholz Family Law today for a consultation.

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