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Florida Divorce Questions Answered

Posted on : November 23, 2021
Child Support
Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce in Tampa Divorce and other family-related issues in Tampa are sometimes unclear to most. These issues often raise several questions among many individuals. You might find yourself on the losing end of divorce and other family issues if you don’t ask the right questions or seek quality answers to them. […]

What You Need to Know About the 3 Types of Divorces

Posted on : October 25, 2021
Tampa Divorce Lawyer
Three Divorce Classifications In Florida Under Florida law, there are 3 different types of divorces. Each type of divorce has differences and similarities to the others, and it’s important to thoroughly evaluate each one to determine which one is right for your unique situation. Here’s what you need to know about each type of divorce. […]

What Can I Do to Get Ready for Divorce Court In Tampa?

Posted on : September 12, 2021
Prepare For Your Tampa Divorce The emotional weight of getting a divorce is significant, even for couples who agree that dissolving the marriage is the best course of action. Making sure you’re ready for your upcoming divorce proceedings can give you the best foundation for a successful outcome. Here’s what you can do to prepare […]

How Can I Make My Upcoming Divorce Less Messy?

Posted on : August 16, 2021
Uncontested Divorce-in-Tampa-Florida
No divorce is completely easy, even if it’s something you want or feel is the right choice for your family. However, you also don’t want to let things get out of hand. Here are some ways to proactively prevent your divorce from getting heated and how to get experienced legal help when you need it […]

Is Hiding Assets During a Divorce Unlawful?

Posted on : July 23, 2021
Tampa Shared Custody
Assets accumulated during a marriage are considered co-owned and by state law, should be distributed equitably between both spouses. This can be achieved by the spouses choosing who gets which assets, or a judge can decide if the divorcing couple cannot find a way to agree on how to divide their property.    To prevent […]