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Attorney for child relocation in TampaThe court can allow the relocation of a parent and child across the state or to another region in some circumstances. However, custody relocation cases are almost always long and contentious.  A parent with primary custody rights who seeks to relocate needs to understand that the court may not allow the relocation of the child. There are very specific notice requirements and forms required by the court when planning a move of more than 50 miles for a period of over 60 days and you may lose rights if you do not follow them.

At Buchholz Family Law we represent parents in relocation cases — including parents wishing to relocate and those seeking to prevent the relocation of their children.  We will work to achieve your goals and protect your rights.

Relocation cases need to be started early, as it could take a year before your case is decided. Call 813-902-9100 to schedule a free confidential consultation or complete the consultation contact form below.